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Fire Resistant Work Wear

FR Original Fit : Waist 28-42
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Texas Jeans offers you flame resistant protection

in a high quality U.S.A. made jean that is built

to work as hard as you do.  The 14.5 oz. 100%

cotton FR treated denim is NFPA 70E and

NFPA 2112 compliant. The jean features a brass

zipper fly with Nomex zipper tape, deep front

pockets, and a covered button at the

 waist closure. Sewn with FR treated

 Nomex thread and FR treated pocketing.

Our recommended Laundry Instructions are as follows.

The FR treatment will last the life of the garment as long as the basic home laundry instructions are followed correctly.


Fire Resistant garments can be used for daily wear as they serve for normal work apparel for many tasks.  As such, they will become soiled with a wide variety of oil, grease, sweat, and dirt that is experienced daily in these occupations.  These soils can disrupt the operation of the flame retardant chemistry in the fabric or in extreme cases is flammable themselves.  It is there for critical that these garments are thoroughly cleaned and all contaminants removed.  If during the work day a garment becomes saturated or contaminated with a high level of flammable substances it must be removed immediately and replaced with a clean garment.

Home Laundering:

Washing at home can be accomplished using any typical home laundry detergent.  It is recommended FR garments be washed separately from the “family” wash to avoid cross contamination.  Turning garments inside out before laundering will help prevent streaking, especially with flame resistant denim jeans. Wash on permanent press cycle with warm or hot water.  DO NOT use bleach or fabric softener in the wash cycle. Tumble dry on permanent press cycle.  Remove garments when dry or slightly damp and place on hanger.  Garments may be ironed for smoother appearance.

If stain removal is required, any commercial stain removal product that DOES NOT contain hydrogen peroxide is acceptable.  The detergent being used to launder the clothing can also be poured directly onto the stain to aid removal.  It is possible heavy stains may not be completely removed, but the presence of a visible stain doesn’t necessarily compromise the flame resistant characteristics of the garment.  If the smell of petroleum or solvent is present, launder the garment again, or consider dry cleaning or other professional care to remove the soil.

Dry Cleaning:

Garments may be dry cleaned if needed and may be helpful in removing oily soils.  Some dry cleaning fluids are flammable and must be completely removed from FR garments to maintain protective performance.

Materials to Avoid:

Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) or oxygenated bleach (hydrogen peroxide) alone or in combination with materials will harm the flame resistant properties and should NEVER be used for FR garments.


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FR Original Fit : Waist 28-42

Code: TXJ-55FR
Orig. Price: $66.95
Sale Price: $36.99


100% Cotton 14.5 OZ. FR treated Denim

 Classic Original 5 pocket design

 HRC-2/20 Arc-CAL. Rated denim fabric

 Sewn with Nomex FR treated thread

88% Cotton-12% Nylon FR treated Pocketing

FR Fabric meets NFPA-70E, NFPA-2112,

                And OSHA Guidelines

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