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Remade In America America's future does not have to be on the decline.
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Our Company strongly believes in the power and quality of American manufacturing. Denim jeans are synonymous with American culture, especially the “American Old West”. Around the world jeans are often referred to as “The American cowboy pant”. With that thought in mind it just seems plain wrong to have jeans made anywhere else but the U.S.A.


Our registered brand Texas Jeans embodies everything you would come to expect from an American made jean. Comfort, premium quality, and a great fit. All of this is available at an extremely affordable price. We work hard to protect our brand in order to pass the savings and low prices on to you, our valued customer.


You may ask what sets Texas Jeans apart from other jeans. First and foremost we have not sold out our country or the American worker to make a dollar. Nearly all of the jean brands you see today have abandoned the U.S.A. for cheap offshore labor. This practice has cost tens of thousands of American workers and vendors their jobs.  We use ONLY U.S.A. made materials in our product.  This means you can be 100% confident in your purchase.  From our denim, thread, buttons, rivets, leather, you name it!  It is all Made in the U.S.A.  This has always been the staple of our business for years.


Companies like Wrangler, Lee, Levi, Carhart, and Dickies have all closed their doors on American workers and are now made in many foreign nations. Some of them advertise themselves as “moving forward” or “earn them”. Yet read their labels friends…none proudly say MADE IN THE U.S.A. any longer.


We here at Texas Jeans need your help. We feel enough is enough! It is time for people to stand up for America and what used to be the manufacturing capitol of the world. Spreading the word to spend more time looking at labels and be conscious of where they are made is something we all need to be part of. With the world economy in turmoil and unemployment sky rocketing it is a necessity to support American manufacturing. Creating jobs, creating quality goods, and creating a better life are what Texas Jeans and all Americans need to represent. Buying MADE IN THE U.S.A. literally saves jobs. The manufacturer, their vendors who supply the materials, companies who make those materials, distributors, shipping companies, store owners, store employees all have a role in the product you buy.